Online modeling

Collaborative UML tool

Design models in the browser and share. You work with your teammates on the same reference, stored in the cloud.


UML compliant

GenMyModel creates validated UML models. It supports class,use case and activity diagrams.

Code generation

Built-in code generators for Java, SQL and Spring. From the models, bootstrap your code and push to Github.

100,000 UML models designed online

GenMyModel screenshot

You'll love GenMyModel.

This is Best app I've ever seen. Your generated Java codes is perfect.Oguzhancerit, May 2014

That's Great .. Just Awesome!Jamal, May 2014

GenMyModel is the most impressive web-based UML editor I've seen!Huan, May 2014

It is by far the best UML generation tool I have seen to date!JBMajors, May 2014

This is a great tool...I really like the auto code generation feature.–Geetima, Dec 2013

You definitely got the WOW factor!–Gregory, March 2013

Excellent idea, excellent tool: easy to use, fast to design and elegant appearance!–NGuyen, Aug 2013