Design software better, together.

GenMyModel is a modeling platform for coders and software architects. Design UML diagrams, BPMN diagrams, database models, flowcharts and more.

Work together and generate code. Right in the browser.

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  • Real-time Collaboration

    Design diagrams, share and work in real-time with others. The Google Drive-style collaboration starts within one click.

  • Powerful Diagram Editor

    Create UML-compliant, BPMN, Database and Flowchart diagrams in seconds with a powerful and user-friendly editor.

  • Code Generation

    Get classes, schemas, configuration files for any language from your diagrams. Customize all generators online.

A full-featured modeler in your browser

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Diagrams online

Create UML class diagrams, use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, activity diagrams and object diagrams. Focus on processes with the Business Process Management diagram editor and export as BPMN2 files. Customize all properties, types, relationships like in desktop modelers.

The database editor (ERD diagram) enables you to design database models at the tables and references level.

GenMyModel also provides an Ecore Model editor to design simple domain models using Classes, Datatypes, References and all the classical Ecore constructions.

Diagrams can be exported to multiple formats: JPEG, SVG, XMI and PDF. You get useful documentation for your software architecture.

Google Drive-style collaboration

Experience the awesome productivity of modeling together - no matter where you are. GenMyModel enables developers around the world to edit the same design models.

All the changes in the diagrams occur in real-time. Unlike collaborative diagramming tools, the metamodel-compliance of the diagrams is always ensured.

The collaboration is easy: there are no conflict resolution for the end-users and no lock-unlock barriers. A chat box lets teammates dialog about their progress within diagrams.

Generate code online

GenMyModel provides built-in code generators for Java, SQL and Spring. From the diagrams, bootstrap your apps and push to Github.

A code template editor enables you to customize all code generators, right in the browser. For example, you can design a code template that takes your class diagram and produces your REST API interfaces. Or it could just be your snippet generator. You decide what you generate and everything happens in the browser.

The online editor relies on MTL syntax and provides live compilation, error checking, syntax coloring, auto-completion, generation preview and execution.