Edit StarUML Projects Online

GenMyModel allows you to import UML projects designed with StarUML. Once imported, you can edit the UML models in your browser. There's nothing to install and it's free:

  • Import StarUML projects in just a click
  • Projects automatically updated to UML2
  • Design, export, and generate code

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StarUML vs GenMyModel

StarUML: desktop UML tool

StarUML was an open source UML tool made to design UML models. It runs on Win32 platform and it uses an old version of the UML metamodel (1.3). GenMyModel allows you to import StarUML projects to get the most out of collaborative and web-based capabilities.

GenMyModel: Online Modeling tool

GenMyModel is a brand new collaborative UML modeling tool with powerful features for creating UML models right in the browser. You can share and edit your UML models in real-time. GenMyModels uses UML2, generates code (Java, SQL), and lets you import your own custom code generator.

  • staruml uml class diagram
    Easy design
  • staruml uml model
    Browse model
  • staruml code generator
    Generate code online

How to import StarUML projects in GenMyModel?

It couldn't be easier:

1. Export XMI from StarUML

staruml UML export

Select XMI 1.1 for UML 1.3 export:

staruml XMI export

2. Upload to GenMyModel

Sign in to GenMyModel. In the Dashboard, select Import project and upload your StarUML (.uml) file:

import staruml to genmymodel

GenMyModel autodetects the XMI format.

3. Create diagrams

Once imported in GenMyModel, drag&drop elements from the project explorer to create the visual representation:

staruml create uml diagram

Done! Contact us if you need any help importing your StarUML projects. We will be happy to help you out.

Learn more about how to draw more diagrams in GenMyModel: Flowchart softwareClass diagram online