Online modeling made easy

Using GenMyModel’s online ArchiMate® modeling standard, you can easily communicate with business and technical peers both at a high and detailed level.

With GenMyModel’s persona and journey mapping capability, you can refine market segmentation and explore customer behavior details, in relation with business processes and various enterprise resources.

With GenMyModel’s standard data modeling notation, data architects not only keep glossaries and data models under control, but they can design and reverse engineer data models and link them to other IT and business models, such as UML, Archimate and BPMN.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, GenMyModel’s standard BPMN support helps business architects to easily build and share business process models with their peers.

Get an impeccable set of UML models with GenMyModel’s standard UML modeling, the leading online UML modeling platform.

Creative organizations use Flowcharting to freely draft solutions with full freedom of an open notation.

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Why GenMyModel is different

GMM Different
Easy to use

Easy to use

An open, easy to use architecture design environment, with very light tool configuration effort for users to focus on designing IS architecture.


A Modeling Toolkit

Not just a drawing but a Modeling toolkit that aligns everyone on standard language and notations, ensures consistency across all views and ensures interoperability with a wide range of 3rd party tools.

Cloud Native


GenMyModel is a Cloud-native, SaaS, online solution, easily accessed by all involved stakeholders from business to IT.



Natively collaborative, Google Suite-like, open, no locks on models: team members work together on shared models without parameterization nightmare.

Online Repository

Online repository

To easily and collaboratively save, search and browse models and artifacts. The information remains up to date and consistent anytime for documentation and impact analysis.



Natively supports Archimate, BPMN, UML and more, and standards can be mixed depending on architects’ needs and best practices.

Effortless documentation

Effortless documentation

Built-in, silent, effortless automated documentation process that dynamically generates online documentation while architects perform IS architecture design.

Code Free

Code-free customization

Code-free meta-model customization to adapt the tool to its enterprise environment.

Diagram oriented

Diagramming oriented

Openly diagramming oriented to boost model-based approaches: a diagram is worth 1 000 words and we have made diagramming predictive, intuitive and fun.

Business Modeling

Combine Capability Modeling, Process Modeling and Journey Mapping online to create rich business views that enable and support your key transformation efforts.

IT Modeling

With full support for Archimate, UML and Data Modeling, the GenMyModel online environment makes it easy to capture, create and communicate systems, solutions and standards.

OEM GenMyModel!


A quick and easy way to integrate a rich yet simple modeling capability into your own software solution. Choose between recognized standards, (UML, BPMN, ARCHIMATE…) or have us build custom models for you.

Need a tighter integration? No problem, simply OEM GenMyModel! GenMyModel has a proven competitive business model and track record in OEM relationships. Select below the ISV program that best meets your needs.


Embed a domain specific, custom modeling capability

You access GenMyModel’s metamodel description and API, plus all of GenMyModel’s platform features and repository, including version management, collaboration and customization.


Embed standard modeling capabilities

You access GenMyModel’s modeling standard languages and notations (ArchiMate®, BPMN, UML…), the API and all of GenMyModel’s platform features and repository, including version management, collaboration and customization.

Contact us toOEM GenMyModel!

Whichever program you pick, your engineers have access to the same engineers that will work with you to create your custom solution. Our experienced team is there to help you at every step.
The OEM approach secures your return on investment.

We had long needed an open, custom modeling workbench to support our embedded software activity. GenMyModel has rosen the bar at a very high standard and the ease of integration of their solution into our platform is simply stunning.

Paul Amoyal, Product Owner / workflow platform vendor

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GenMyModel enables our engineers to be more efficient and more qualitative during their consulting missions. Guillaume Ovtcharenko, Head of engineering at Adneom
GenMyModel technology is a great collaborative tool. It's simple yet powerful, and we use it to drive our customers’ digital transformation initiatives. Eric Bianchi, Digital architect at SERIAL
With GenMyModel, we have found the perfect fit to easily design, document and share complex enterprise processes. In addition, developers collaboratively enrich them with application architecture information. Dmitri Goosens, Enterprise Architecture Lead