<h1><b>Vision and Mission</b></h1>

Vision and Mission

Axellience’s mission is to envision and build SaaS, collaborative and graphical modelling solutions that people love to use. We strive to enable business, IT and software architects to be as agile as their devops colleagues and help them to integrate their work into an agile value chain for seamless end to end value driven architecture.

With a focus on delivering solutions that are highly collaborative, fully featured and extremely competitive, we help individuals, teams and enterprises more easily benefit from enterprise grade modeling.

Our solutions are also readily available as OEM or white label to other software vendors, making it easy to add modeling to existing RPA, Process Mining, BPMS and other systems.

About Us

A team of highly experienced modeling professionals, the Axellience team was among the first to recognise the move to cloud and the need for SaaS alternatives to traditional architecture modeling tools.

Our flagship GenMyModel product is used by thousands of people every month. All benefiting from the ability to co-create, publish, and share from a powerful common repository.

As easy to use as Google docs, with the power of traditional tools, and low-cost pricing to encourage adoption, GenMyModel is the tool of choice for forward thinking architecture teams.

<h1><b>About Us</b></h1>