ArchimateBusiness Architecture Creator

Efficiently reach every one of your strategic goals GenMyModel, the online Archimate modeling platform.

archimate business layer


Identify which professions will be involved to answer your strategic goals. Specify the role of your stakeholders for each iteration of evolution of your enterprise. Point out the Business Processes that are concerned or that have to be modeled during an action.

archimate application layer


Highlight what Applications actors will need to achieve a specific task. Create plannings based on which Applications will be involved during a strategic move.

archimate technology layer


List the Technical and Technologic exigencies of your Applications. Foresee the impacts your Technology branches can have on your Strategy Layer.

No install, no setup and no learning curve to get started! GenMyModel is a powerful enterprise architecture editor to start working directly in the web browser, right away.

Google Drive Style Collaboration

Archimate is an iterative language. Easily compare your previsional model with your current situation by navigating between every versions of your Business Architecture in your online centralized model repository. Share your projects with your team workers. Edit your database diagrams in real-time. Share your workspace managing the rights of edition.


Business Architects can create multiple-view diagrams to have a quick overview of your enterprise. Highlight to your employees the causes and consequences of their missions by crossing the Business Layer with the Application Layer, Technology Layer, that are all made to serve the Strategic Layer.

Smart Controllers

Added to the usual copy/past and undo/redo, GenMyModel proposes multiple shortcuts and inner-tools to create Archimate elements in an intuitive mode, as alignment helpers and smart segment placement. Take entire control of your workspace with our overview or tree view. Easily locate any element.


Save major and minor versions of your models to identify which ones you want to deliver. Conserve modifications history.

Full Web

Nothing to install, don't worry about plug-in, GenMyModel is full HTML5, and compatible with your OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux).


Generate documentation PDFs on entire diagrams and on each element. Export your models in SVG, PNG, JPEG.