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BPMN, DMN, Archimate

Build architecture models using either of these standard notations

UML EMF, RDS, Flowchart

Build architecture models using either of these standard notations

Private model storage


Unllimited publics models


Up to 10 private models



Navigate simply and intuitively to organize the various versions of your architecture models

Jira & Confluence Plugins (to be paid for)

Benefit from a seamless, 2-way integration with Atlassian tools to streamline tickets, requirements and documentation management

Word & PDF doc generation

Automate document generation using customizable templates and build value-driven deliverables

“Live View” (public cloud)

Modeling = documenting: benefit from a dynamic online documentation portal for all stakeholders to navigate

Public Cloud Only



25 € / user / month

275€ / user / year – Billed Annually

All features of SOLO plan


Multi-model Projects

Combine multiple modeling languages and standards in your projects

Unllimited private models


Team management

Allocate projects and models across teams and team members to organize work and optimize productivity


Rewind and replay model history, who did what and when, and manage model versions and branches


Streamline collaboration across team members using chat and concurrent, remote modeling as naturally as with “google docs”

Cross-model links

Link and combine models with one another to use the best modeling notation anytime

“Live View” (All cloud modes)

Modeling = documenting: benefit from a dynamic online documentation portal for all stakeholders to navigate

Quarterly / yearly billing


No minimum users


Public Cloud



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All features of TEAM plan


Journey Mapping & Persona

Use simple, graphical experience mapping for customer, employee or user segmentation, behavior and requirement analysis


Benefit from single sign on for users, based on SAML authentication management standard

Indicators à la “digital twin”

Monitor business and IT performance using indicators and color-coded graphical heatmaps

Read-only users

Grant architecture repository access for read-only users to consult and navigate architecture description, information and models


Build and circulate graphical reports to share information across teams an organisation

Yearly billing


50 users minimum



Private Cloud / On Premises



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Can I change my plan at any time?
Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade or unsubscribe your plan at any moment from your dashboard.
What is the difference between a public and private project?
Public projects are open source and publicly available.
Can I change a project from public to private and vice versa?
Yes, you can change the visibility of your projects at any time. According to the number of private projects you have, you may have to modify your plan.
What happens when I upgrade my plan?
The new plan is active immediately, letting you create private projects with unlimited objects. You're charged right away for the prorate of the ongoing month. You will be charged the full amount the next billing cycle.
What happens when I downgrade or unsubscribe from my plan?
If you decide to unsubscribe, access to your account’s private models will be suspended. If some of your public projects exceed the public model size limit, you won't be able to add new objects. The sign out will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle.
If you downgrade to another paid plan, we will not provide a refund for the remainder of the billing cycle and the new plan will take effect immediately.
Do you offer special nonprofit and educational pricing?
Yes. Contact us for non-profit and educational inquiries.